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Reconstructionist Judaism

Reconstructionist Judaism is the newest of the major streams of Judaism. It is the only denomination of Judaism founded in the United States. It combines the best of both American democracy and the Jewish civilization. Reconstructionist Judaism recognizes that along with being a religion, Judaism is also a culture, civilization, ethnicity and nationality.

We encourage a democratic process in our services. Our prayerbook contains readings from American literature as well as the Jewish tradition. All of our prayers can be found in the original Hebrew, transliteration and a non sexist translation. Community participation is encouraged through rotational readings and discussion.

While Reconstructionist Judaism is among the liberal branches of Judaism, it has its roots in the Conservative movement. We try to keep as many traditions as possible to help us maintain the fabric of our unique civilization. One of our mottos is that we give tradition a vote, but not a veto.

At our services will be using the new Reconstructionist Mahzor, Kol Haneshamah: Prayerbook for the Days of Awe. Prayerbooks can be inscribed with the names of your loved ones. Click here to see Fee Schedule for more details.

Although Rabbi Judy has an Orthodox background and was ordained as a non-denominational rabbi, her philosophy for the past 15 years has been most in keeping with Reconstructionist Judaism.

Reconstructionist Judaism: So Much More than Cultural
A Sermon by Rabbi Judy